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About Our Company

Our company is engaged in desiging and construction supervision, management and construction, and till now the company is concidered to be one of the best companies in Republic of Armenia.

The ARMGYPROTRANS Institute was established in 1966 as Armenian
branch of theSOYUZDORPROYEKTinstitute.
After reorganization of the SOYUZDORPROYEKT institute, in 1972,
ARMGYPROTRANS wasbecome theundefendedinstitute andbegan work
under MinistryofTransportConstruction of theformer USSR.
After ArmeniabecametheIndependentState ARMGYPROTRANS hasbegan
toworkunder theMinistryofTransportandCommunication of the Republic
of Armenia.
In 2002theInstituteaccordingtothe Minister’sorder hasbeen renamedas

Roads & Highways
Tunnels, Underground & Metro
Surway & Geodesy

Our Partners

Main Clients & Collaborating Firms & Organizations
  • World Bank
  • EBRD
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Trademeco
  • Eurostudios
  • Sambo
  • Systra
  • COWI
  • Scott Wilson
  • South Caucasus Railway
  • Yerevan Muncicipality
  • Kamurjshin CJSC

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