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Transport Department

Roads & Highways

Thedepartment of Roads & Highways carriesout customer-orientedengineeringservices
whilecomplying with environmental & user-friendlydesign concepts.The
departmentprovides the highestqualityengineeringservices in the fieldsofplanning,
design, construction implementation planning, and maintenance of road projcets, includingurban,
regional & national highwaysystems.


Ourdepartmentof Railways is responsiblefora numberof important rail functions in
Armeniaincludingsafety,coordination andplanning.Therailwaysdepartment ismanagedby
engineersof high quality.These engineers are responsible for maintenanceof all fixedassets
of ArmenianRailways.

Civil Structures

The Transproject CJSC disposes also a department of Civil Engineering. These branch
isalsoequipped with a high qualifiedteam, whocarryoutany kindofbridgesandanyother
type of civil construction.We provide leadership in the field by focusing on technological innovations,
seekingadvances in basicknowledgeandtakingasystemsperspective.

Tunnels, Underground & Metro

ThedepartmentofMetroandTunnelsplansanddesign stationsofmetrosandtunnels.
Theengineers supervisetheconstruction of such projects toensurethat theyarebuiltaccordingtocarefullydraftedplans.Theydecideon
thebestmaterialsandmethodstousein building
such structures.

Transporation Planning

The transportation planning department carry out highways surveying services, inculdingtherealization
of roadsigns, traffic lights, signal indicatorsandotherplanning works.
In thesedepartmentspecialistsdotedof high professionalskillswithmorethen 30yearsexperienceare

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