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Surveying Department

Surway & Geodesy

The department of land survey and geodesy is using recent developments in surveyingmeasurementsandtechniquesas
wellas stateof theartequipment, thecompanyoffersa
widerangeof services in allareasof traditional landsurveying. Itpromotes scientificcooperation
andresearch in geodesy.

Geological Investigations

Theexpertsofgeological investigation department studythelandscapeof Armenia,
its natural resources,andthe natural hazards that threaten it. Ther trytoassist in theeconomicdevelopmentof
Armeniaas wellas its naturalenvironment.Theyproducegraphical
representationsofvariousphysicalpropertiesofboth naturaland man-madfeaturesof the
land, such as landslopeandelevation,bodiesof water,building, roadsandfences.

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