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Lifeline Road Improvement Project

Nov 10, 2017 uncategorized

Country: Armenia

Location within country: Armenia

Name of Client: World Bank

Duration of assignment (months): 4


Narrative description of Project

Rehabilitation and supervision of existing lifeline roads, bridges, tunnels of Armenia for 2010-2011. Was done about 25km.

  • Land surveying and cartography
  • Detailed study of existing roads and subgrade support characteristics
  • Study of determining factors: Geology, climatology, hydrology, traffic volume
  • Design of alignments (layout and vertical profile), pavement layers, drainage, traffic signs and road marking
  • Preparation of environmental management plan (EMP)

Description of actual services provided by our staff within the assignment

Review of previous studies; study of alternatives; land surveying and cartography; Geology, hydrogeology and quarries identification; climatology and hydrology; town planning; traffic volume; Geotechnics; alignments (layout and vertical profile); earthworks; pavement; drainage; structures and foundations; traffic detours during construction; traffic signs, road marking, traffic guidance devices and barriers; environmental impact, corrective measures and monitoring plan; landscape; coordination with involved agencies; land acquisition; conflict and relocation of existing utilities; work schedule; costs and financing; health and safety and setting out plan.